Her Dystopia

This series of photographs was based on my interpretation of the single word, dystopia. Being the opposite of utopia, dystopia usually is referred to on a massive society taken to nightmarish extremes.  I put the focus of this dystopia on a more common situation, one that many can relate to.   It’s a series on a personal inner dystopia. 
  Many people stay with their significant other even if they are extremely unhappy, for fear of loneliness, insecurities, or embarrassment and just stay in a destructive cycle.  When there’s one huge underlining problem in a couple’s relationship, then it’s the little annoying things that can pull you over the edge. This series explores the inner dystopia a good house wife could feel when she finds out her husband is not the man she thought he was to be, along with her inner thoughts that gets her through the day. 
I decided to give a quirky, melodramatic feel to the images to lighten up the mood of a series situation. It was done this way to be more accessible to the viewer, to be able to relate yet step back and laugh at the ridiculous nature of the reality I created.