Monday, December 5, 2011

A Single Moment

Everyone has a moment in the day where they want to just get away from the chaos of the world, an escape in their own thoughts. Reflecting on life, figuring out where to go next, or how they ended up here in this moment.  This series is a narrative portrait series, that explores that of the everyday individual, the people that could be your friend, brother, sister, neighbor, or mother. Capturing my subjects in there own environment, at the quietest, loneliest, even most personal moments, the moment where they are in there own thoughts. This project lies somewhere in-between the genre of documentary and Tableau photography.  As the artist I try to create the moments that will allow my subjects to have these “Single Moments” occur in front of my camera. All the photographs are shot in the subject’s intimate environment, and using only the available light there. I chose to shot this series using my medium format, twin lens camera, using this allowed me  to be at the same  level with my subjects.   Using my camera more as a window, allowing the viewer to become a spectator into my subject’s Moment.